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Honor: Prof. Dr. Fabian Waldinger receives the 2020 Gossen Prize

Fabian Waldinger is the winner of the 2020 Hermann Heinrich Gossen Prize for the best economist under the age of 45.


The Verein für Socialpolitik (VfS) has announced the 2020 recipient of the renowned Gossen Prize at this year’s virtual annual conference. The Prize is to honor a German-speaking economist working in central Europe, whose work has gained international reputation and renown. It aims to promote the internationalization of German economics and the most important yardstick for awarding the prize are publications in internationally recognized journals.

As the faculty heard in the citation by the VfS, „Fabian Waldinger has made significant empirical contributions to knowledge economics. Building on historical experiments, especially in Germany, his work at the intersection between the economics of innovation, economic history and labour economics contributes significantly to our understanding of the origin and generation of knowledge. In particular, his work demonstrates the impact of teachers, colleagues and access to current research for the generation of knowledge.“

Having been awarded the Gossen Prize, Professor Waldinger joins a distinguished roster of previous prize winners; now, 4 of the last 7 Gossen-awardees are associated with LMU’s Department of Economics, namely, Professors Ludger Wößmann, Uwe Sunde, and Davide Cantoni.

For more information about Fabian Waldinger’s career and his research projects, please visit the website of his Institute for the Economics of Innovation.