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Honor: 2021 UniCredit-EEA Econ Job Market Best Paper Award for Felix Montag

Please join us in congratulating Felix Montag, our this year’s winner of the Econ Job Market Best Paper Award by the UniCredit Foundation and the European Economic Association!


In his job market paper, Felix Montag studies how foreign product entry changes the consumer welfare and domestic employment effects of mergers. He sets up a structural model to assess how a product market merger affects rival product entry, consumer welfare, and domestic employment. Felix uses detailed data on household appliance purchase data and production locations to apply this model to the merger the impact of Whirlpool’s acquisition of Maytag in the U.S. appliance market and compares it to the impact of a counterfactual acquisition by a foreign buyer with no prior presence in the U.S. market. He finds that although an acquisition by the domestic rival is always worse for consumers, it also preserves more domestic jobs. The methodology developed in this paper can be used to identify mergers in which employment effects from offshoring are of first order importance.

“We are most proud of this success, and we wish Felix every success for the upcoming job market season”, says MGSE Placement Officer Prof. Davide Cantoni. “This is also a success for our MGSE. For the second time, one of our alumni wins the UniCredit-EEA Econ JM Best Paper Award. We see this as a confirmation of the good work we have been doing over the past years in training economists and prepare them to seek academic employment in the international market.”

Please visit these websites for more information on the award and for the paper itself.