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Honor: LSE Prof. Oriana Bandiera awarded an honorary doctorate degree in Economics

The Italian economist has been awarded an honorary doctorate for her distinctive achievements and contribution to academia and transfer to the society.


Prof. Bandiera attended the conferment ceremony in LMU’s Main Building (Große Aula), together with students, members of the Junior and Senior Faculty of the Department, and guests from other faculties of LMU and the MPG. Delegates of the Volkswirte Alumni Club (VAC) and LMU Economic’s partners in the corporate world - who are supporting this, and many other events - also attended the event.


Trio "Klanglicht" (Picture: Felix Grein/LMU)

After a festive opening with the trio “Klanglicht”, Prof. Englmaier, Dean of the Department of Economics and Professor of Organizational Economics, welcomed the audience by highlighting the historic dimension of the Große Aula.

Laudating Prof. Bandiera on her honorary doctorate, Prof. Englmaier, said: “[…] Oriana, with you, it is always very clear how your research helps us to understand, and improve, the world! […] it is truly the case that you leave a mark not only on individuals, but entire institutions. And thus, I am truly overjoyous to have the possibility to honour you today with a degree that is so much deserved!”


Dean Prof. Florian Englmaier and Prof. Oriana Bandiera (Picture: Felix Grein/LMU)

Prof. Bandiera's research has made important contributions to the influence of monetary incentives and social relationships on individual behavior. Her pioneering use of field experiments in the workplace and in social networks has become a model for the application of randomized control trials and has deeply influenced the field of applied microeconomics. Her transformative work has thus inspired an entire generation of applied economists.

In addition, Prof. Bandiera has rendered outstanding services to the field of economics through numerous institutional responsibilities. Her functions as Director of STICERD at the LSE, as President of the EEA and currently as Editor of Econometrica are particularly noteworthy here. Finally, Prof. Bandiera, along with colleagues, made a crucial contribution to the modernization of the public image of economists in the Anglophone world, first on social media, later also among the broader public through the campaign What Economists Really Do and the platform Microeconomic Insights: Distilling the Research for Public Debate.

Commenting on the prestigious recognition, Professor Bandiera said: “I feel truly honoured to have been awarded an honorary doctorate degree by LMU Munich. I have very much admiration for LMU and all that the Faculty has achieved. […] I very much look forward to continuing to build on our strong partnership and creating new opportunities for the next generation of economists.”

Following the conferment of her honorary degree, Prof. Bandiera gave a ceremonial lecture on “Development through the Lens of Organisations”, focusing on labor as the main factor of production and the role of organizations in matching talent to tasks and thus in understanding growth. This was followed by a lively discussion with the audience.


Prof. Oriana Bandiera and audience (Picture: Felix Grein/LMU)

For a long time, this was also the first faculty wide in person event on campus. After months of shut-down, remote teaching, and lots of uncertainty, our guests enjoyed celebrating Prof. Bandiera. They were particularly happy that they had such a happy reason to come together for some networking and continued the feeling of universitas at our reception in the StuCafé.


Reception in the StuCafé (Picture: Felix Grein/LMU).