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Inaugural lectures of Prof. Dr. Andreas Peichl and Prof. Dr. Lisandra Flach

We officially welcome our appointed Professors!


Prof. Andreas Peichl and Prof. Lisandra Flach gave their Inaugural Lectures and attended the festive event in LMU’s Main Building (Senatssal), together with students, members of the Junior and Senior Faculty of the Department, family members, and guests.


Dean Prof. Florian Englmaier (Picture: Felix Grein/LMU).

Prof. Florian Englmaier, Dean of the Department of Economics, gave the laudationes. Commenting on the laudation, Prof. Peichl said: “ECONM is a great place to be: nice colleagues who all do super interesting research with a strong focus on applied and policy-relevant topics. The combination with ifo Institute, CESifo and several MPIs makes Munich the best place for anyone interested in policy relevant topics.”     

Prof. Flach was equally honoured and emphasized: “The Department of Economics at LMU offers a vibrant academic environment with stimulating discussions in a very supportive environment. I feel lucky to be part of such an outstanding department with great and supportive colleagues.”


Prof. Lisandra Flach and Prof. Andreas Peichl (Picture: Felix Grein/LMU).

In his inaugural lecture, Andreas Peichl focused on „Gender Inequality and Politically Feasible Policy Reforms.” He stated that the German labor market as well as academia and politics can be characterized by relatively high levels of gender inequality and a lack of diversity. For example, new evidence from administrative data shows large gender gaps in annual income that are increasing along the income distribution and not decreasing over time. Prof. Peichl emphasized that public institutions such as the system of joint taxation play a key role in shaping these inequalities and reforming these institutions in a more gender equal way will be important both for equity and efficiency reasons.


Prof. Lisandra Flach and Prof. Andreas Peichl (Picture: Felix Grein/LMU).

Prof. Flach addressed „Globalization and the Reorganization of Supply Chains.” She pointed out that research on global value chains has provided evidence on the welfare and distributional effects of the international fragmentation of production. Recent events such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in the Ukraine have increased skepticism about globalization. Lisandra Flach highlighted that this is important for Germany, as the country is highly integrated in the global economy. She, together with colleagues, show in a quantitative exercise that decoupling from global supply chains leads to high GDP losses and discuss alternatives to make supply chains more resilient to negative shocks.

After a lively discussion with the audience, all guests enjoyed celebrating Prof. Peichl and Prof. Flach. They were particularly happy that they had such a happy reason to come together for some networking and continued the feeling of universitas at our reception.


Reception in LMU’s Main Building (Picture: Felix Grein/LMU)